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Improve your nutrition. Transform your health. Change your life.

Vanessa spent the initial 16 years of her career in London as a lawyer at city law firm, Linklaters. During the early part of her career as a lawyer, it is fair to say that both what she ate and prioritising a work life balance were not at the forefront of her mind. Overtime her health suffered and as she looked for answers she became increasingly aware of the critical role nutrition has for our health and well being.  She wanted to understand more and in 2005 she started to study nutrition and began addressing her own health issues at the same time.  Vanessa truly believes that eating the right nutrition can profoundly transform people's health and she now focuses full time on helping others achieve optimum health.

In addition to being a registered Nutritional Therapist (mBant), Vanessa is also a trained coach for the highly acclaimed Metabolic Balance Programme. Much of her time is spent coaching clients through this personalised three month nutrition programme.

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